Use the power and virality of trends

I have spoken to a lot of creators who feel a way about using trends in their content. So we’re talking about trending music and style of content. And I get it. You have a brand and a style, and you want to make sure you stick to the narrative.

I also think there is the element of feeling unoriginal and inauthentic when you are a brand and you follow trends on socials. As a brand, the whole point is for you to stick out, and not blend in. Am I right?

However, (big stress on the, however) there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can use the power and virality of trends to your brand’s advantage without losing the essence of your personality and story. You use them to strengthen your story. Case in point – the content I created below.

There really is no need to reinvent the wheel. Furthermore, trends tell your audience that you are in touch with popular culture and that you know what content is trending. It gives your brand an edge when you use the platforms natively. Yes, trends are native to the platforms. They are a HUGE part of what keeps audiences back. Why would you ignore them?

If you have built a strong brand story, the trends will not harm them—quite the opposite. Trends will get more eyes on your brand.

Listen up guys – if you are struggling to get attention, I’m gonna suggest that you start using a trend here and there in your content. Whether it’s the style of content or trending sounds and music, they are really gonna add some spice to your work.


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Content I created using trending music

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