We’re not your agency

We’re not here for everyone, my company Synatel Media I mean.

If you are a restaurant that wants every post on social media to be a high-resolution photo of your meals, as awesome as they may be, we’re not your marketing agency.

Are you an architecture firm? Truly amazing. We find architecture divine, and it’s a pleasure to scroll your Insta page and engage with your art, but we’re not your agency.

Authors, fashion retailers, artists of all kinds, you name it, musical, performance, designs we love beautiful things. And you’re right. Your fans want to see beautiful things, so social media is the place for you. Your profile will look amazing, and you can tell fans where to buy your work, but we’re not your agency.

You see, we want to do more. We want to work with brands that want to go beyond selling towards creating experiences that capture and involve the audience in an exclusive world imagined and brought to life just for them.

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