Why is everyone joining Threads?

I want Threads to be the social media platform I let my hair down.

I’ve wanted that for a long time. I try this on Twitter but have found it difficult to navigate what works best or how to ‘beat the algorithm’. Which, incidentally, appears to have gotten harder since the Elon Musk takeover.

I must say, it isn’t all Elon Musk’s fault why I struggle to increase visibility. I have theories, but that’s for another post.

I even went to the extent of opening an anonymous Twitter profile to test what it would be like to say and be casual on socials. You know, no carefully curated content. Unfortunately, I wasn’t committed enough to see the results – too much trouble switching between profiles.

But Threads, I believe, allows me to do that in a brand new fresh way.

I want to chat, share opinions, rant and talk about nothing in particular.

On Instagram, I can post pretty pictures. TikTok is where I can engage with the weird and wonderfully entertaining and try to match that somehow with my content (still figuring it out). Facebook fans want me to inspire them. And on LinkedIn, I can behave business savvy using dressed up words in my posts. But on Threads, I want to get away from that and have a chat like we’re out at the pub. And from what I can tell from my feed, most people feel the same. This is why everyone is joining Threads.

Threads is like forums in the ole days. Or even Twitter, where we would chat and laugh. You’d get hundreds of likes from people you didn’t know, and we had fun and giggles. And those that stayed loyal to that platform still get that, albeit with a tonne of toxicity.  Threads will give us back what we lost from Twitter.

The clean interface makes it easier to know one another on a level. And when you’re invested in that person for who they are, their beliefs, values, icks and jokes, you say, “Okay, I want to engage with them even more on their other socials.”

This is where you will win on Threads. By not trying to get people to like your pretty picture or sell you’re coaching programme but getting to know one another with no airs or graces.

So I’m loving it for that. And I’m doing what I want to see. You will not see me dancing in the street like I do on IG. Here’s a link for your reference. https://www.instagram.com/p/CubeAsyrZV8/ And I believe Meta is going to push this as the M.O. via the algorithm.

Two things will make me like Threads less – ads and toxicity. You can’t get away from either on any of the platforms.

What are your thoughts?



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