Why luxury fashion brands use social media to create experiences rather than sell goods

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy because it helps consumers learn about the brand instead of leading to an immediate sale.

A few luxury fashion brands use social media to share unique experiences, where when successful, consumers or, more appropriately, followers become invested in the brand.

And let’s consider the word experience a little more because it is important. Social media allows consumers to learn about the brand’s unique personality. And through that personality, we see major brands creating distinct social media experiences that draw consumers into the brand story.

Hermes is a luxury fashion brand that fully embraces the concept of creating social media experiences for its followers rather than trying to sell them anything. Each post is fun and meaningful to consumers. The posts are story after carefully branded story. And if you like the stories, you’ll stick around. 

It’s clear Hermes audiences are more than customers. They are brand fans, probably choosing Hermes more than they would have without this strong affiliation created on social media.  

We already know that when there is a brand-to-consumer affiliation, it increases the likelihood of a purchase. And that’s our aim – to strengthen those affiliations through the unique experiences we create on social media. When consumers have these impactful social media experiences, they begin connecting the brand’s story to their own internal stories, which is essential to sales.

In the short term, good social media experiences connect brand and consumer stories. The connection leads to more engagement because consumers have a vested interest. They want the brand to perform well because it says as much about them as it does the brand. Affiliation means the brand is a part of the consumer’s life. Over time as the relationship grows, when the consumer is ready and able, they buy.

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