You don’t have to go on socials

You don’t have to go on socials at all.

Yep, I say it all the time.

It’s my response when people say things like, “Oh, but I don’t like going on socials.” Or “I don’t like creating content.” Or “I haven’t got the time.” The last excuse, by the way, is ludicrous because even Donald Trump, while running for and being President, had time for social media.

But I mean it. You don’t have to go on socials.

I know plenty of successful business people and entrepreneurs making millions of turnover yearly whose businesses are not on social media. Many have no intention of ever using it. For them, social media is nice to have.

They use other promotional methods like good old networking, word of mouth, leaflets, cold calling, and advertising. Here is where they put their energy and budget.

And if you don’t have time for the physical aspect of promoting your work, with a healthy budget, advertising is the method that will get your goods and services in front of customers.

With advertising, the recommendation is to spend 5 per cent of your expected revenue. So if you want to turn over a humble £100000 in your first year, you should expect to spend £5000 on ads. And although the return isn’t guaranteed for some of you, that’s a small price to pay.

So for you, no, you don’t have to be on socials.

However, if like many of the businesses I work with, you don’t have that type of budget to risk on ads and like the idea of building a healthy community of people, called your fans, who like your product, engage with your brand, and share your content with others, you and I speak the same language.

Furthermore, if you’re in a position where you’re saying I’d like to build my social media presence, but I need help with my strategy, tools, techniques and ideas, I can help you.

You can either set up some time on my Social Media Coaching Programme or choose to come to one of the workshops listed below.

Whatever you do, don’t delay. Some of the workshops have limited spaces so book today!

Also, tag or tell a friend who you think will need this.


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