An Edge Over You

Prepare this week to give it all you have got. Plan this week. I mean, really take the time to outline the content you will share with the fans. You’ll want to focus on telling your story. And stay positive throughout because this rodeo ain’t easy.

You can be sure of one thing: Negativity, Worry, and Fear will try to weasel their way into your thoughts and set you off course. So be on alert. You mustn’t let them get an edge over you. These criminals are conniving and incredibly dangerous. Get out there and find Positivity and make her a close and prominent ally.

Now, take heed. Not everything you do will go right. And don’t expect that every bit of content you post out there will get the response you want. Yes, some of it, the fans will swoon over. But you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be a few bits that will tank. The fans you love who have been there for you, engaging faithfully, may not even bat an eyelid at some of the stuff you post. And it’s ok. You can survive this. Remember your ally Positivity? Lean heavily on her during these times.

Above all, comrades, do your level best to be the best for the fans you have chosen to serve and rest assured there will be a reward. There always is, and sooner or later, brands like you that seek to serve will see a massive return.

Also, to all the CEOs, Marketing Professionals, and Founders, would you like me to work with you on your Content Marketing Strategies to build brand presence and profitability? Awesome! I’ve got a fabulous Consulting package which I’m sure you will love. Fill in the form below to get in touch.

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