How to build a personal brand through the power of Content Marketing

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Entrepreneur, Josh Steimle, is the founder and CEO of MLE a web design and marketing agency with offices in New York, Hong Kong and London. In 2013, he embarked on a personal branding journey which completely changed the game for him and his business.

Josh Steimle decided he wanted extra credibility to grow the business exponentially. He spoke to a friend with a PR agency and asked her advice. She revealed she contributed, for free, to Forbes magazine and set up a much sought-after opportunity for Josh to also write for Forbes.

At first, Josh wrote about his experiences in entrepreneurship. In a short space of time, Josh’s writing led to speaking engagements. Yet, this didn’t make much difference to Josh’s business. His primary goal was to grow his business. He decided to make his writing more specific. He focused on writing about marketing since this was a major function of his business. This decision led to a huge turnaround. His writing on marketing brought in leads. Customers were interested in what Josh’s business could do for them. One of the posts written generated a profit increase of 1400%, over $2million in revenue.

Josh knew he was on a winning streak. He explored writing for other publications such as Entrepreneur, Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffington Post and Business Insider. He went on to write and publish his first book, ‘Chief Marketing Officers at Work.‘ What happened next, Josh couldn’t have predicted. He received a call to meet Richard Branson and stay on the Virgin mogul’s island.

All this happened to Josh Steimle purely by chance. He hadn’t even wanted to write for these publications initially. When his friend had presented the opportunity to write for Forbes, he had been hesitant but did it anyway. He hadn’t expected what eventually came of it.

Not enough businesses who want to increase their profits are producing enough quality content.

Business must take advantage of Content Marketing to expotentially grow.


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What Josh did was unintentional. The opportunity to write for Forbes was there, and he took it, just. Getting your articles in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Foundr is not easy. But imagine what you can achieve by building your personal brand and establishing yourself as a thought leader; an influencer in your industry. And all you have to do is write great content.
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It’s not just the prominent magazines that you can write for. LinkedIn is a very accessible platform that you can publish your work on and get your brand noticed. Identify the topics that people want to read about in your niche. Write about them and publish them on LinkedIn.

Medium is another platform that anyone can write for. Research your topics well. Be very active and visible on social media, create plenty of valuable content and help audiences solve their problems.

I have personally found LinkedIn to be the top source of leads for my business. By writing regularly and producing video, I get more leads from companies on LinkedIn than from any other social media platform. As a content marketing agency, a B2B company, lead generation from LinkedIn makes sense. For you, it could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever. So you need to know where your customers are.

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The one thing I would say is with personal branding and content marketing you can generate more leads and grow a profitable business. Discover what topics within your niche you should be writing about. Acquaint yourself with the techniques of good writing. Write consistently and a great deal to establish an influential brand. I would also recommend downloading this checklist for writing great content. 

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