Why Your Brand Needs More Than Just ‘Good Values’

In today’s consumer landscape, brands are being increasingly scrutinised for the values they represent. A simple Google search reveals how brands like Gucci are making headlines for their commitment to sustainability, echoing the collective consciousness to protect our planet and ensure fair working conditions. While these are undoubtedly positive strides in multifaceted branding, there’s more to a brand’s ethos than just aligning with trending values.

Going with the Flow in Multifaceted Branding

The surge of interest in sustainability, human rights, and ethical business practices isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s inspiring to see how societal pressure can drive brands to be more responsible. But the issue arises when brands adopt these values not because they genuinely care but because it’s the trend everyone else is following.

The ‘Me Too’ Approach

Brands often adopt generic values in a bid to match the ethical stance of their competitors. They end up blending into a sea of sameness, where everyone is talking about the same issues but doing little to differentiate themselves or genuinely contribute to the cause. A values strategy guided solely by public opinion can lead to surface-level commitments and dilute a brand’s unique identity.

Being Unapologetically You

Imagine a brand that not only adopts laudable principles but intertwines these with their unique value proposition, making them inseparable from the brand’s core identity. These values shouldn’t merely be adopted; they should be lived and breathed by everyone in the organisation. Such a brand will resonate more deeply with its core audience, invoking a sense of empowerment, inspiration, and authenticity.

Gucci’s Multifaceted Branding Approach

Gucci serves as an excellent case study in blending values with marketing to craft a compelling brand identity. While lauded for its sustainability initiatives, Gucci’s allure extends beyond eco-consciousness. Through savvy digital storytelling, Gucci offers a cohesive brand narrative that resonates deeply with its audience in terms of multifaceted branding.

Their influencer partnerships are strategic, aligning with personalities who embody the brand’s diverse values, further authenticating their connection with consumers. Moreover, Gucci strikes a perfect balance between honouring its legacy and embracing modernity, appealing to a broad spectrum of fashion enthusiasts.


In conclusion, while Gucci’s sustainability focus is commendable, it’s worth noting that businesses adapt to stay relevant. The pressure to conform to ethical and environmental standards likely plays a role in Gucci’s multifaceted branding strategy, perhaps nudging them into action. That said, there seems to be a genuine desire for change, at least to some extent. But let’s not forget, business is business, and profitability often takes centre stage in marketing decisions.

Craft Your Unique Value Narrative

Like Gucci, if you want your brand to rise above the noise, you’ll need to dig deeper. Move beyond mere trend-following and embrace a holistic approach. Have a conversation about your values within your organisation and with your customers. Make sure these values are not just pasted on your website or social media platforms but are lived every day by every team member.

Incorporate this unique value narrative across all marketing channels, from social media to Google, to truly stand out and speak directly to the hearts of your target audience.

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