In addition to sustainability principles

A lot of brands adopt principles that consumers say they should value.

For example, when I googled Gucci’s principles, the search results focused mainly on sustainability principles:  

ensure human rights, welfare and fair working conditions; ensure a basic living wage for all workers; avoid use of child and forced labour; use natural resources conscientiously and increase efficiency in the use of materials and resources…

Of course, these are laudable principles, but they reflect the times we live in and the trend for organisations to reassure consumers they are doing their best to look out for humanity and the environment. 

Many businesses only make such statements because there is a worldwide consciousness to adapt practices in the face of challenges posed by climate change, inequalities and poverty. Generic values are no different from every other organisation that wants consumers to see them doing the right thing.

In addition to sustainability principles, your marketing strategy should include other contributions your organisation makes to improve the world, big or small. 

They should be core value values shared by those within the organisation and its customers. They will have been set by the CEO, or a collection of individuals, maybe the founders representing the brand personality. It should allow the brand to stand out from others and provide values unique to its core audience. And its message should be told through all marketing material, even Google.

In some ways, Gucci is a poor example. They have values that the customer understands through implicit and explicit marketing messages established in the early years of business. It’s the reason they succeed as brand leaders in their sector. Brands seeking to achieve the same should follow suit.


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