Build A Successful Brand Like Virgil Abloh’s Off White with storytelling

After the sad loss of Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton are on the lookout for a new creator who understands its vision. And it got me thinking about Virgil’s contribution to the brand.

A few things struck me about Virgil. I found him relatable and artistic. He created art that connected the culture to people, which is what luxury fashion should be about – Art and creating concepts that have meaning.

Virgil’s mission for his work was to have more meaning than fashion, which meant he became a master at storytelling. He didn’t want people to buy new clothes; he wanted to create art that people were attracted to and could experience through fashion. And so his ideas became tangible to customers, or tourists, as he called them, because they understood the story he was telling.

Virgil’s art is authentic because it reflects his mental world, which would be unique but also connect with those who see the world in similar ways or want to learn more about his art.

His creative mind, which he built through knowledge of architecture, art history and culture, blended with Louis Vuitton’s imagination to create new art through the medium of fashion.

Fans wanted to wear Off-White for what the brand meant to them; what they perceived Virgil was saying to them. It’s a connection and experience.

Brands only mean something when the story you tell connects with the stories of your audience’s mental world, which is critical if you want your intended audience to understand and desire your brand.

You can tell stories through your product and continue the story with your content using symbols, influencers and faces of the brand. And if this story is one that your audience connects with, they keep turning the pages.

Build a social media strategy for your fashion brand that keeps creatively telling the story through digital media remembering there are no boundaries.

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