Content Testing

If there’s one thing I know about social media content marketing, it’s that you cannot predict results.

That content that you slaved over creating and were super psyched about when you pressed publish, you can guarantee will flop – sod’s law. Whereas the content you created in a hurry, shared without a second thought, went viral – tell me that ain’t so.

Things is you can’t figure out why. And that’s the reason I am not leaving my results to chance anymore. Instead I will be content testing.

Yes, I know in the past, I’ve gone on about being on top of the analytics. And I do that too. In fact, I’ve gotten pretty good results by replicating those flukey well-performing posts.

I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about intentionally reducing the flukes and increasing your repertoire of wins.

This is how you do it.

You start with a few of your most recent best-performing posts and guess why they went well. Make a note of your observations in an Excel spreadsheet, Then, for each post, you create a series of similar posts with slight variants to test your theories on different factors such as copy used, style, and imagery. You create test content that will help you figure out which elements contribute heavily to generating attention or not.

Not only that, you test all sorts of content – nothing is off-limits, to some extent. We’re not looking to do anything arbitrary, unreasonable or silly. But you take risks because nothing is known or wrong or right until you test it.

Rather than relying on copying the work of others that you think went well, you embark on content testing. A bit like A/B split testing with ads but this time you’re doing it with your social media content. Effectively, you will track and trace.

Currently, I have nothing to report. I have just started content testing, but I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

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