5 Essential Stories Every Brand Should Tell on Social Media

Storytelling in the digital age goes beyond your website’s “About Us” page. It’s about creating a cohesive narrative across all platforms and mediums. Here are 5 essential stories your brand should be telling on social media, along with specific content ideas for Facebook, TikTok, Twitter Threads, and Instagram.

1. The Origin Story

Why It’s Important
The origin story provides insight into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your brand.

How to Tell It
Share about your company’s inception, the challenges faced, and how your brand has evolved.

Content Ideas
Facebook: A live Q&A session with the founders discussing the brand’s origin.
TikTok: A short, fun video recreating the moment the brand was conceived.
Threads: A thread detailing the timeline of your brand from inception to now.
Instagram: A Reel interview with the founders.

2. Customer Success Stories

Why It’s Important
These stories serve as social proof and can influence potential customers.

How to Tell It
Feature testimonials or case studies from satisfied customers.

Content Ideas
Facebook: Share video testimonials or detailed case study posts.
TikTok: Quick clips of before-and-after results featuring your product or service.
Threads: A series of tweets showcasing customer reviews and outcomes.
Instagram: User-generated content of happy customers or an Instagram Reels video of testimonials.

 3. The Journey and Evolution

Why It’s Important
This story keeps your audience engaged and invested in your brand’s growth.

How to Tell It
Regular updates, behind-the-scenes looks, or sharing challenges and how you overcame them.

 Content Ideas
Facebook: Monthly update posts or year-in-review videos.
TikTok: Quick tours of your office or workspace, showcasing your brand’s evolution.
Threads: A series of tweets highlighting key milestones and learnings.
Instagram: An Instagram Story or Reels documenting significant brand events.

4. Employee Stories

Why It’s Important
Humanising your brand by showing the faces behind it fosters community.

How to Tell It
Feature your employees, their roles, and what they love about working for your brand.

Content Ideas
Facebook: Employee-of-the-Month spotlight posts.
TikTok: Day-in-the-life snippets of different team members.
Threads: Threads detailing what each department contributes to the brand.
Instagram: Instagram Live interviews with team members or a carousel post of employee hobbies.

 5. Value and Mission-Driven Stories

Why It’s Important
Sharing your values and mission attracts like-minded individuals.

How to Tell It
Share initiatives, community service, or advocacy work that embodies your brand’s values.

 Content Ideas
Facebook: Long-form posts or videos detailing your community service efforts.
TikTok: Quick, impactful visuals of your team participating in mission-driven activities.
–  Threads: A detailed thread explaining your sustainability practices or values.
Instagram: Carousel posts or Stories that showcase your values in action, perhaps tied to specific events or campaigns.


Storytelling is not just about creating content; it’s about creating connections. Use these essential stories and content ideas to build a brand that resonates across all social media platforms.


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