Don’t Get Bored

It’s common for us to get bored. We get bored of the brand messages, values, creatives, website, social media content. We’ve done that already, and we’re bored of doing it again. A common utterance I’ve heard muttered in the board room.

Boredom happens because we live and breathe the brand. It’s our life at least from 9-5 for some of us, and that’s a significant amount of time. We think about the brand more than the customers. Even when our customers buy from us, use our product or interact with our marketing, they are not thinking about the brand as deeply we are. They are certainly not thinking about it for most of their day.

Don’t get bored. Being bored is not a good enough reason to change things. If the branding is right, if the messages are working, if the customers are still engaging and buying, don’t get bored. Focus more on what the customers are saying, and wanting.

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