Don’t hesitate

Have you ever caught yourself hesitating? You’re in the middle of work, and then you pause and wonder to yourself, is this good enough? Could I do it better? What would so and so expert have done here. You’re hesitating, thinking, overthinking in fact and then the damage is done because now you scrap the work you are doing. You decide to leave it for a later time. You tell yourself you’ll do it when you’ve got your act together; when you can do better work. And how long does it take you to do that? – get your duck’s in a row, I mean – probably longer than you care to admit.

Don’t hesitate. Start with what you’ve got. The market wants audacious, unafraid, and unfiltered. What you need to realise is the opportunity to fix what you did today will be there tomorrow. And right now, all that matters is that you care enough to deliver who you are today to the people who you have chosen to serve.

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