Enhance the customer experience

If businesses adopted social media to enhance the customer experience journey, they would more accurately match content to users’ expectations.

However, we still witness businesses primarily using social media to promote their products. In contrast, users are on social media to be a part of the community. It’s a disconnect.

Users want one thing, and businesses are giving them another. It doesn’t make sense. Disconnects between our messages and customer expectations don’t work.

Consider this – the community has gone online. That is what social media is – community. It’s a part of our lives; it’s the way we connect with other people with similar shared ideas, values and goals as ourselves. It certainly isn’t an afterthought, and neither should it be for business.

Businesses that don’t get this make using social media to build a recognisable brand significantly harder.


When you realise that we can use social media to have high-level positive interactions, we can attract and keep more loyal customers.

It’s social, and it’s media. These days T.V. is not as significant as the devices in our hands. And social media matters. We’re are using it to consume great content, not to buy things. If it were that, users would be disinterested.

Make social media matter to your business and your customers. It’s not a place to promote your business. Instead, it’s a tool to enhance the customer experience.

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