Find Your Purpose

Imagine that

If you want to find your purpose, take a long hard look at the things you enjoy experiencing, changing and speaking about. Somewhere in all of that are talents, gifts, and insights you can use to do something meaningful.

In my life, there have been many opportunities to use my gifts and talents. I ignored some of them, others I wasted, and a few I was too shy to shine in. Imagine that – being too shy to shine in something you are good at. I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Fortunately, I’m older and wiser now, a lot less shy, several new passions added to the mix to know that there’s still time for me. And there’s still time for you too, to do the things you were born to do.

You get to choose

What’s more is, you get to choose which passions you will pursue. Or at least which ones you need to do the work at hand. The first step is to decide, and the next is to run with what you have.

Go all in using what you have to make the change that you see possible, doing the things you see yourself being a part of – leading even.

Don’t wait. The time is never right. And oh yes, you can rest assured that things will go wrong. They always do. You know that, so accept it and don’t let it put you off.

Maybe some of us were born instinctively, knowing our purpose. But for most of us, the only way to find our purpose is to discover it and go in head first, following our passions, listening to our gut and not letting fear get its grip.

Before now, maybe you didn’t realise that the only way you will find your purpose is by taking a long hard look at the best of yourself.

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