What Your First Social Media Post Should be

When you post your first social media post, be super proud of yourself. I mean that honestly because if you are anything like me, it’ll be one of the most petrifying things you’ll do. But after that first one, you’ll are liberated to do so much more.

And that’s it really – liberation. It should be the key to every post you share on social media, including your first one. Social media is about getting to know people, and there are no rules for that, assuming, of course, you have a basic understanding of social etiquette. That said, have a play around with social media, get a feel for what you like and run with the first idea that comes to mind.

Go all the way with it. Put everything you’ve got into it.

I hope you know that you are allowed to learn along the way. You’re definitely allowed to do things differently from others. And you can get things wrong too. It’s okay. No one’s expecting BAFTA quality content, not even from the most established brand. What they do want from you are generosity and authenticity.

So your first post can be anything you like; just make sure you start.

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