How to capitalise on consumer interests to build a strong brand

Have you ever read one of those articles that recommend you do a google trends search to get content ideas?

Accordingly, you follow the advice only to find that the top ten searches include Taylor Swift, Eastenders, Kim Kardashian and the Eurovision song contest.

So you say to yourself, “These searches have nothing to do with my brand. Let me drill down to product related subjects.” Yet dismay awaits you. On close inspection, only a few consumers are looking for those key terms. What’s more, they live in remote Ittoqqortoormiit,  a country in Greenland with a population of 450.

Since the latest episode of Eastenders has nothing to do with your brand and only Ittoqqortoormiitians are interested in product specific keywords, here’s how you capitalise on consumer interests to build a strong brand. You identify themes, values and ideas around those interests to use within your digital marketing.

For example, if you are on a budget, you could consider creating memes featuring famous people. Or, if money is no object, employ influencer Kylie Jenner who reportedly gets £1m per post to amplify your brand. This method would be the direct use of consumer interests.

An indirect way would be to understand that your key audience are fans of Kylie Jenner’s new makeup range and use words and imagery that suggest your brand is modern and trendy. This approach helps consumers subconsciously connect with your brand because you appeal to their interests.

The above are just examples. Rub minds with your team to develop marketing ideas that match consumers’ internal conversations.

Marketing that does not match the things consumers care about interrupts. Marketing that does, connects. One way to build the relationship is to capitalise on consumer interests.

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