How to tap into your inner wisdom to create great content

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

It’s deep within you to create content like no other person before you. And, it is so important to me to see you do this. I want to see you producing the best content ever so that you can build the business or career of your dreams.

The reason most people never get to that level where they are creating content that is making an impact and attracting golden opportunities towards them is because they get caught up in doing what everyone else is doing. And it’s easy to see why.

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Take YouTube for example. When you log in, you’ll see particular types of content in the most trending section. It’s likely that there will be the latest music video releases in this list. You will also notice parodies of the most popular music videos. General comedy sketches also tend to do exceptionally well.

What happens is, when content creators are looking for inspiration and see this trending content it’s natural for them to decide to create similar content. After all, it makes perfect sense. As the adage goes, why reinvent the wheel. Unfortunately creating content in this way does not separate you from any other content creator.

Even if you become the best at recreating trending content, you are just that; the best at what everybody else is doing. There is nothing wrong with that, but you can go one better. If you can discover how to tap into your inner wisdom for great content, you’ll be able to create something fresh.

How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?
Seth Godin

Staying informed is good. You need to know what works. Otherwise how else will you improve on what you do? It also stands to reason that the content you consume will influence you.

Whether it’s a book you read, a YouTube video you watch or a play at the theatre, you go to see, or anything you learn about or consume it will enter your subconsciousness. If you accept what you consume as valid, sooner or later, you will share that information with others. It becomes a part of your knowledge. That’s human nature. But what I’m talking about is not just about using your knowledge but discovering how to tap into your inner wisdom to create great content.

Put briefly, inner wisdom is your gut feeling and doesn’t have its roots in the knowledge that you acquire or the influences you’re open to from the outside world. It is that deep sense within you that something is right or wrong.

Inner wisdom comes from your purpose and your divine calling. It usually hasn’t been heard before and will very likely be rejected by the masses. The great thing is though, if you get it right it’ll touch the hearts and minds of a select ready few. It’ll be uniquely creative, and your audience will love it, and they’ll do the work of spreading the message to others.

An ideal place to begin tapping into your wisdom is to decide for yourself what is the message that you want to share through your content. Your message should be something that you are passionate about. It may feel risky because it’s likely it doesn’t follow convention.

When you tap into your wisdom to create content that is right to you, you’ll expect to have people who will come along to contest or dismiss what you have created. That’s fine because it’s not natural to them. It comes from deep within you.  Your senses let you know that it is the best type of content you should create.

Because the content you create comes from your heart, it’s imperative that you block out the external critics as well as your internal critic within your mind. Otherwise, you run the risk of altering your message or reiterating what is popular. You can’t fear the type of reception you’ll get. Creative content is subjective so not everyone will like it. What is important is that the content comes from your core.

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The reason I am sharing this article is that I think tapping into your inner wisdom will make content creation more natural for you. You won’t have to overthink what type of content you should be creating. Instead, you’ll pour out what‘s on the inside of you. And what you create won’t be what everyone else is doing. It’ll be unique to you. It’ll come only from you.

I believe the only way you can truly create content that gets noticed and is memorable is when it comes from a deep sense of knowing or in other words your inner wisdom.

Create content precisely the way you want. Communicate your message with passion. Audiences may not realise it but they are waiting for your message so don’t hold back in giving it to them.

Listen, I am so glad you reached the end of this article. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. I’ll be sure to answer them.

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