Why Everyone Should have a Blog

Get Rid of the Excuses

I don’t want to hear any excuses. Don’t tell me you don’t have time. We’re all busy. It’s so important you make time to write for blogging.

Don’t tell me you don’t know how to write. You know how to talk don’t you? So that means you know how to write. Granted, you may have been talking more than you have been writing so you’ll need a little more practice but you can write just like you talk so we’ve got that covered.

And lack of financial resources shouldn’t be a problem because it costs nothing to open a WORDPRESS blog site. Maybe you’ll need a few quid for a domain name but that’s it. In fact, I have a FREE tutorial showing you how to set a WordPress site up yourself. I’ll put the link below.

Let me tell you why it’s imperative you write a blog if you want to attract opportunities to you.

Free WordPress Website Design Tutorial

Easy WordPress Website Design for BeginnersStart Blogging and connecting to the World

You can start writing to share your gift, your passion, your world. Even if what you write only makes an impact on one person. It’ll make the difference and what you put in you get out. I can guarantee if you make writing for a blog a regular activity you will attract amazing opportunities to you.

Get Started

You've got to want it bad enough

Look, do you want this? And, how much do you want this? Get real with yourself. Visualise your dreams. What is it that you want out of life? Will you make the sacrifices to SUCCEED in your life?

There are immense opportunities that the Internet is offering to you right now. The exciting aspect of it is that the possibilities are getting bigger and better. But I foresee a change. Things won’t always be as easy as it is now so you mustn’t wait around because there is no better time than now. If you are frustrated with the way things are in your life and you know you can achieve more, you must DO SOMETHING NOW!

The reason I’m telling you to go and start writing a blog is that it provides you with a connection to the world. Writing a blog is how you can share what you have to offer with the world. You can tell everybody about your business. The knowledge you have can spread ideas. When you spend considerable time writing you can establish yourself as an authority.

Be recognised for making a difference through blogging.

Continue reading below and I’ll tell you what’s possible when you blog.

Why Everyone Should have a Blog

Push Forward for Success

Take the first step and then push with everything that’s within you! You can do this. I promise you; you have what it takes. Don’t look back and lament over what could have been. Start to focus on what could be because, and you’ve probably heard it before, where the mind goes the body follows. If you keep going in the direction of your innermost visions, I am telling you that you will get there.

Another thing I want you to stop doing is looking at what everyone else is doing or has done. Their story is not yours. Neither is their journey. What you have inside of you must take precedence.  It’s more useful to concentrate on letting your passion and purpose evolve. You can’t do that if you’re too busy looking at what everyone else has achieved.

Get your head down and start getting your message out to the world.

The Possibilites

Why Everyone Should have a Blog

First of all, what you’ll find when you start writing a blog is that people will get to know you.

The recognition happens when you write and then distribute your blogs to all the social media platforms. You’ll be in a position to reach people that you wouldn’t have been able to before. Don’t miss out on that. You need people to hear and see what it is you do.

That’s just the beginning. After that, it’s entirely up to you. People who blog can generate an income from advertising which is common and you may already be aware of.

Write considerably, and as you write better and as your audience grows you’ll start getting noticed by some big names. Become an influential blogger, and the household brands could be coming to you to endorse their products. Endorsements could earn you an excellent living.

Of course, your goal may be to attract an intended target market for your business. So, your goal from blogging may be to create brand awareness around your goods and services. Very achievable. With the right tools and techniques, you can build a very profitable business this way.

Once you come back home from the office, start blogging in your niche. Help solve industry problems with your knowledge and insight. There are people that I know of who were offered book deals because of their writing. On the back of the book, or in some cases before the book, you get given a chance to speak at major events. Not to mention receiving offers for higher paying jobs.

What to do next

So this is what I want you to.

If you haven’t got a blog site, set one up. Here’s the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD to help set up WordPress. Any questions related to this leave a comment below, and I’ll help you.

Write every day. Any idea that pops into your mind capture it somewhere. Store your idea until it is convenient for you to write about it. I like to use my phone. You can store ideas in your phone

Share your writing to everyone via social media.

Most importantly don’t be shy about writing and don’t be worried about negative feedback.

You get one chance at this, and you can do this. Trust me!

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