I can read minds

Hey beautiful people, how are you this fine day?

As for me, I’ve been a bit off the past few weeks, but I’m back this morning and on fire with something to tell you.

I can read minds. In marketing – I have learnt to read minds. The data is not enough.

I’ve got to sit there and figure out what all these social media users are thinking at any one time because it’s bloody hard. I tell you

This is how it goes, as is I sit here in front of my laptop just before and during content creation activities, I zone in. It requires a quietening of my mind, and an attempt to read your minds.

During the process, I wonder to myself, ” Oh dear client, what are you doing right now? And what do you want from me that will sufficiently convince you that I am a woman on a mission to help you out, to make your life easier?” I ask myself these questions, and then I attempt the mindreading bit by answering them. Cos, you guys, don’t make it easy. Wooing you on social media is a challenge, so I resort to my super telepathic powers.

Like now, for instance. I can tell a bunch of you are reading this and saying, “What the hell is she going on about?”

Some of you know what I’m talking about cos you’ve been there. You’ve gotten to the point where you’re fed up putting in the effort towards making content that no one sniffs at. And then you take a mere 30 secs to create an Instagram reel just for the heck of it, and it goes viral, pretty much. So now you’ve resorted to reading minds like me. It’s much more fun, isn’t it?

Some of you, I reckon, are laughing at all this. You’re my kinda people!

So, how did I do anyway? Convinced I’m a clairvoyant yet? Yer are? Cool.

Well, you might also like some of my big ideas on The future of Marketing and Understanding social media users behaviour. I’d love to share them with you, but only if you’re interested. So be honest – are these seminars you would attend and pay a reasonable fee for? Let me know if you would.

And, what you would pay for the pleasure of me sharing my ideas in said seminars? Don’t be shy – 10, 20, 30 quid? More? What would you pay for a gal who puts her life and soul into marketing to share with you some ideas that will likely blow your mind? Enough yesses in those comment boxes, and at the right price, your girl will have you back.

What’s more, I have a faithful and highly talented team and could manage your social media accounts for you. We would create lovely content for your fans and tell them how amazing you are.

If this is something you could see as ideal, head on over to synatelmedia.com, fill in the contact form, and we’ll be in touch. It would be nice to work with ya!

Ta, comrades!

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