If you want social media to work

If you want social media to work, like really work, be prepared. I’m talking fans loving, near addicted to your content, tuning in daily to check your updates, consuming your content and sharing it with their friends; prepare to be vulnerable. You’ve got to be prepared to share your truth.

Social media became popular because of our natural desire to know what the people we care about are up to; the highs, the lows, we want to know it all. I get it, not everyone’s intentions out here on socials are pure, yet the fact remains – those who benefit most are those who embrace the truth.

There are those who reject the idea that we should share our lives on social media. For them, social media is uncomfortable and an invasion of privacy. “It’s completely unnecessary,” some will proclaim. They may even provide you with instances of the rare few who don’t need social media for brand promotion.

But those of us who want social media to work, like really work, we are ready to tell our stories; to share our hopes and visions; to be open about our struggles and wins with those waiting to hear.

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