marketing for the people

The new marketing, particularly the marketing using social media to build brand awareness, is no longer something we do to the people. Now we do marketing for the people.

Social media platforms create fabulous opportunities to get our ideas in front of people. And, they provide the people with choice – plenty of choice between which brands they prefer and which ones they will tell their friends about.

The people have the power, and they are not interested in being sold to and, for the most part, being told how great your product is. You only get an earshot with the people if you make them feel great first.

So, in the new marketing, brands must use the platforms to integrate themselves into the culture of the people they seek to be relevant to. By understanding and embracing culture, brands can create a sense of affiliation, loyalty and community, which is the basic premise of the platforms in the first place.

Furthermore, while assimilating into the culture, they must forge and lead new cultural communities by having a voice, driving the conversation, educating and inspiring.

The brands that will win for a sustained period will be the ones that understand we do marketing for the people.

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