Nobody has to buy

Being on socials is not enough; posting on socials is not enough. And, nobody has to buy from you.

You see, most organisations understand the need for a social media presence. What they find more challenging is understanding how to develop engaged audiences who intentionally show up to consume their content. And that’s because these organisations have the wrong perspective.

You’ve heard the saying, “Using the wrong tool for the right job”, haven’t you? When you use social media to sell stuff, that’s what you’re doing. Nobody has to buy from you on socials. Buying from you is not what they are there for anyhow. There are shopping apps for that – the right tool.

You’ve got to go beyond being on socials because it’s the thing to do. And you also have to recognise that it is not the place audiences go to buy something. If it were, they would be called customers and not audiences.

Audiences going on socials to consumer content. They want great content to entertain them, inform and inspire them. Or, quite simply, they scroll socials while away their time. So audiences seek a pleasurable experience each time they pick up their mobile devices.

Posting content that falls short of why audiences are on the platforms is a waste of time. As an organisation, you will be wasting time filling up spaces on your feed with content that audiences are not interested in if it is not pleasurable.

Yes, you are supposed to be on social media. But you are supposed to be using the platforms to create an experience with the type of content that sparks conversation, memorable and sharable.

If you want to leverage the platforms, create content that audiences remember and share with others.

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Thank you for reading today.

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