Our Rose-Tinted Glasses

There are two assumptions that we may make about the customer. One assumption is that customers care about our products, and the second is that they remember us.

It happens a lot more often than we care to admit, with the primary reason for assumption being that as brand owners, or marketers we spend most of our days involved with the brand – strategising and planning for its success.

Our brand is important to us. We know the story behind it; the vision follows us everywhere, and we know the good our brand intends on doing.

We are passionate about the brand. When we communicate that passion, we think others should get it. But they don’t, and this is where many marketers fail because they haven’t done enough or figured out how to get customers to understand.

The time we spend with the brand and thinking about it pails in significance to the time, our customers will ever spend in their lifetime.

The brand becomes all we know and live for in some ways. It sounds dramatic, but I’m confident some of you will attest to that strong emotional investment in the brand. However, our rose-tinted glasses leads us to think that customers should feel the same. The truth is, most times, they don’t.

Customers don’t get the vision in the early stages, they don’t remember the stories, and it takes time for them to feel the passion. And even when they do, the passion may never quite match ours.

The brand is ours; the vision is ours; the story is ours; the why is ours. And we all have our different whys, including your customers. It’s a big ask to expect customers to find your why meaningful. Usually, it requires that we have to change their minds.

We change customers’ minds by spreading a brand message that resonates, that aligns with our customer’s goals, that answers the questions about what’s in it for me.

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Thank you for reading today.

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