Walk in your customer’s shoes

I’m sitting in my makeshift home office, I’ve shut the door, and I’ve dimmed the lights. Hands up if you also find that dimmed lights create the right ambience for deep thinking.

When focused, I can empathise; put myself in the customers’ shoes; think about their lives and challenges and how they are likely to engage with the brands we manage.

At present, I have this up and coming streetwear brand – a fantastic brand, and I’ve only given you a smidgen of the concept. The CEOs plan on disrupting the space, and I’m pretty confident we will, but first, I want to get the marketing as close to right as possible. That’s why I need this moment of solitude and deep reflection – to get it right.

It’s incredibly powerful and will enhance the content you create when you take that extra time to place yourself in your customers’ shoes. Be the customer, think like the customer, and consider their pains. Also, consider how they interact with your content and use your products.

You do wonders to your marketing campaigns when you take the time to walk through in your mind or on paper how the customer uses your product. Why? When? And how are they using it? And how can you tailor a message and content experience that fits nicely within their journey?

Walking in your customer’s shoes is just one method you need to undertake to understand where your brand fits into the customer’s life and the solutions it provides. Don’t guess. Don’t rely on some information that you read in a book. Each experience, brand and demographic is different. And you must treat the experience you deliver, your brand and your demographic as unique. Get the insights, read a tonne of books if your must, but tailor the knowledge to the brand’s uniqueness and the people you serve. Walk in your customer’s shoes.

The brands that excel will create a relevant and unique content experience from understanding as much as possible the customer.

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