Pfft to excuses

Social media is a demanding full-time job.

Audiences scroll, like and comment on our glossy selfies and 15-second video clips of amateur but side-splitting comedic value. They don’t think for a second about the weekends of practising, learning lines, and getting costuming as near perfect as possible. And editing – let’s not get started on how long editing takes.

Just as consuming social media is now a routine fixture in the lives of our audiences, we make sure that creating the content is a staple in ours.

We research, plan, curate and create nearly all of the time. We no longer see social media as a nice to do but essential to building our vision. After all, we dreamed about this for as long as we can remember. We always wanted to create something that we could call our own for others to appreciate.

And social media couldn’t have been a better way to provide us with the opportunity. Now we get to live an authentic, creative life and share our true capabilities without waiting for a yes from a corporate gatekeeper.

Social media has given us a real possibility of making our dreams come true globally. And so many of us dare not waste a minute of the chance.

We’ll be darned if we let our day jobs get in the way. Pfft to excuses. We’re not even doing this for the likes. Nah, we have awakened to a new world, an era where we have more control over our destinies. And in all honesty, we truly believe we have something to offer.

Finally, the time has come where we’re convinced that if we put in the work, block out the haters, learn and keep on learning, improve and keep on improving, focus on the process, and not let the outcomes move us, there’s more of a chance we’ll make our dreams come true.

If you want to know more about our work and how we can help you formulate your social media strategy, I’d like to invite you to visit and contact us today!

Thank you for reading today.

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