Tell a True Story

For the most part, people treat social media as a place to create a world or a life they want others to believe in.

For some creators, they create a fantasy world to transport themselves and their followers to. Their world is something more than the ordinary, something to delight and tantalise people’s desires. They create a world that their followers dream of and aspire to be a part of – no harm is done.

Some create a cruel world that manipulates and lies to their audiences for selfish gain. They capitalise on fears and insecurities and people’s hopes to have a better life easily and quickly. It’s super sad to hear the stories of those who have fallen prey to these marketer’s exploitations.

You’ll also find those who have a genuine intention to serve their audiences with the very best of themselves. They seek to lead others to a higher purpose, spread new ideas, awaken gifts, and present exciting opportunities.

And apart from everything malicious, I would say it is up to you which world you decide to create. After all, it’s left to audiences to decide the stories they want to believe in or not.

What I find the most fulfilling story to share is a true one. For starters, it’s an easy story to tell because you are living it right now. If you have realised by now, most people are getting pretty savvy at sussing out a fake story.

Tell a true story – well, let’s be honest, mostly true; there are some aspects of our story that we can keep for ourselves; tell a true story, and you will never be in danger of letting your real fans down. They’ll support your brand to the end; through the good and the hard times.

Tell a true story, and you won’t have to overthink it. Well, you shouldn’t have to anyway. First, choose what impact you’d like to make in the world; please don’t let it be to sell stuff; social media doesn’t work like that. If you’re not sure what I mean, click here to read, Telling Your Truth.

You start with a strong purpose and then you have fun. Of course, you have fun. It’s socials. It’s a place for fun even if it’s serious fun.

Tell a True Story | The Content Masters Bess Obarotimi

Audiences want you to inspire, educate and entertain them boldly, creatively and authentically every day. Do that well, and a group of people, maybe a lot, or perhaps just a few, will decide they like you and want to follow you.

After some time of following you, those same people will become loyal to and you’ll know unequivocally they are ready to be sold to.

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