The biggest new social media platform

Would you like to know which is the biggest new social media platform? I thought you might. Well, Comrades, it’s Instagram. Or, depending on how you look at it, it’s iTunes Podcasts. But then, when I give it some more thought, TikTok comes highly recommended as a platform where you can effortlessly obtain spectacular reach.

Ok, I’ll stop being facetious. But you know as well as I do that at any one time, someone will recommend a particular platform as being the most fabulous new thing. Even I admit to doing such in a past life.

Now, I’m not here to refute anyone’s theory on the biggest new social media platform, but I will remind you that a platform will only help elevate your brand if you create formidable content. And by that, I mean the type of content that audiences care about.

You could say that the goal of creating content that audiences care about is obvious, but I have come across many dilettantes who think they can get away with creating content that lacks oomph. I don’t apologise if that sounds blunt. I have found that honesty helps people get matters such as these right.

Dear friends, I simply must be as plain as possible. And you are likely to agree with the argument I make because you know that awesome content satisfies the audience. You also know that a portion of that satisfied audience will become brand fans and then become customers – sooner or later, making my argument compelling indeed. Customers are what you seek, right?

It is good for you if you do agree with me. Yet, the question you must now ask yourself is, “Am I implementing such fine knowledge?”

Just for emphasis, I’ll repeat it, dear friends – if you are craving more social media attention, you must create attention-worthy content. There is no getting away from this.

However, I warn you that it will be easier or quicker for some of you than others to succeed in this. Some of you have natural charisma, grit, and grandiosity to put in the hours and be remarkable – don’t deny you don’t know these attributes are what keep audiences scrolling on their phones for hours.

Unfortunately, others struggle to compete on social media because they are not patient and humble enough to watch, listen, discern and serve content their fans want.

And it’s all there you know. Look and listen long and hard enough, and you see audiences sharing, liking and commenting on the popular stuff that tickles their fancies… like really tickles them. 

And you, dear friends, have a chance of joining the league of trending content creators as you have accepted that what makes the platform great is the quality and remarkability of its content. Now all that remains is that you learn what that means for your brand, and you create it on repeat.

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Thank you for reading today.

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