The power of your customer’s brain

When your customer engages with your brand, how does their brain process all the information you give them?

Understanding how the brain reacts to your brand can inform your marketing, advertising and branding campaigns to influence brand perception positively.

Our brains are complex. I’m not sciency enough to explain it technically but think about this. Your brain enables you to read and assimilate this article whilst keeping all your vital organs running. Imagine this; you’re breathing without being conscious of it; you’re also subconsciously taking in your environment without even looking at it. On top of that, without intentionally listening, you’re can also hear background noises – your music is playing, a fan is whirring, the washing machine is whizzing, or maybe its voices coming from the TV.

What I have described is just a minute snapshot of the multiprocessing of functions your brain is capable of performing right now. Your brain is handling millions of stimuli and tasks that I bet science cannot fully describe. The capabilities of the brain are far beyond human comprehension. So you must never underestimate the power of your customer’s brain because its role in whether or not your brand is preferred is vital.

Because the brain is so complex, it makes swift decisions each time it comes into contact with our brand. Within an instance, the brain will decide whether it likes your brand and elicits an emotion based on how it perceives your brand. And all decision making is happening by your potential customers, all the time, without them thinking too deeply about it. Significantly, the decision to prefer your brand occurs automatically.

Factors such as past experiences, personal preferences, and ideals are what the brain will use to make a brand judgment. It’s a swift process at the subconscious level.

The lesson to learn here is to make the messages your brand tells clear and straightforward. The brain shouldn’t have to feel it needs to make an effort to understand your brand stories. Otherwise, if the brand is confused, you most likely will be ignored even within the first millisecond of contact with your brand.

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