How to get to where you want to be

A loud and persistent voice.

The lack of attainment is a source of great pain to many aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have been working tirelessly but are yet to see a smidgen of the life you hope for, you may have felt the pain. But do not despair. The success you desire is yours for the taking if you are willing to hang on. And here’s how you can get there.

Day by day, enterprising individuals work passionately to build a life that others only dream of. They want to set their own standards and write their own rules. Not content with mediocracy, they seek the success of building their dreams. Deep within them is a loud and persistent voice that tells them, “You are meant for more than the ordinary,” and they cannot ignore this voice. Determined, they persist at seeing the vision fulfiled.

But this is a long journey; along its path, the go-getters try their best to avoid vicious thorns, outwit cunning predators and climb treacherous mountains. Like great people before them, they face the reality that achieving success is arduous and lengthy.

You have chosen.

Do you recognise the above scenario? Does it describe the path you have chosen to travel?

You have chosen a path that many are too afraid to walk, and plenty of others turn back way too soon. But, like you, those who remain on course believe in creating for themselves a life where they can serve. Maybe they are doing it for their family; perhaps it extends to the broader community or the nations or other groups they have seen they will be of significant value.

People like you lose their inhibitions and embrace their giftings and share them generously with others. You exuberate passion and an unrivalled resolute to yield to the calling on your life. There is a life you know you want to live, and it all comes together when you dedicate yourself to the service. You understand that this will get you to where you want to be.

I spent many years giving it my all. Every day I dreamt and hoped that a breakthrough would come. And at night, I would go to bed miserable because it hadn’t. Some nights I sobbed myself to sleep, frustrated that I had not achieved what I desperately wanted. Then, the following day, I’d sum up the energy and do it all again.

Bitterly disappointed.

I found myself in a depressing cycle of working hard, not seeing results and ending the day bitterly disappointed. It’s a wonder I never gave up, although I came incredibly close.


One day I changed my mind. I decided to be specific about the vision and have faith that it already existed. So I have created in my mind the life and circumstances I want to live. I’ve made a very real vision, not just a hope or something I’d like to have, a near reality in my mind of all the experiences and achievements I want to possess.

Once I set the vision, I convinced myself it existed spiritually. Then, I worked on adjusting myself to that vision. It meant I had internal work to do. I had to get bolder, happier and wiser. So I did all of that, plus I studied my craft more, read more, practiced more, and created more.

There was a shift in my attention too. I’d always been focused, but that also got more. I dropped unprofitable activities. Like many of us, I worked on projects that made me busy but never led to the vision.

Influential people were attracted to me.

Ultimately by aligning myself internally with my vision, I activated the universal law of unity and harmony. You can’t have a vision and be engaged in thoughts and activities contrary to the vision—that’s disunity. Unity and harmony are required to achieve the expected results; all parts of the cog need to be working in tandem for the motion to occur.

You shall prosper as your soul prospers became my watchword for a while. The idea got me excited, and it started working for me. As I grasped the magnitude of prospering from within, my external environment indeed prospered. I was getting better as a person, and opportunities and influential people were attracted to me.

I don’t mean the material stuff.

So, here’s how you get to where you want to be. Firstly, recognise that you have been working so hard with an unequal return because there is a problem you need to fix. Next, check your vision—Visualise with as much detail as you can muster in your mind’s eye the life you want. And I don’t mean the material stuff. Ask yourself important questions like, what do you want to achieve? What do you want to find yourself doing? and How will you be of great service to humanity?

You must focus on the one vision that will cover all other mini visions. This will allow you to maintain harmony and unity internally and with the universe, rather than fleeting from one desire to the next. Write the vision down if you like. Create a vision board. Have visual reminders. I do this.

Once you are happy with the vision, you must believe that it is established and that time is the only factor leading to the manifestation. Then, all that remains is that you do the right work to become the type of person with that vision.

It takes time—for some, it takes more time than others, depending on the amount of work required and faith exercised. Unwavering faith is essential for any of this to work. And as the change happens within you, the universe has no choice but to align with your vision. It’s a universal law.

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