Trust and Like

In your next piece of content, blog post, podcast, whatever, don’t aim for perfection. For one, your fans don’t want perfect; they want real.

In business, customers buy because they like and trust you. And if you want to be trusted and liked, you have to do something for the customers first. Certainly, it works that way in the information age. Gone are the days when business told consumers what was good for them. Nowadays, customers make up their own minds.

In the age of social media, people buy because their friend made a recommendation on Facebook. Or maybe they saw an Instagram influencer wearing your brand of clothing. Or perhaps, which is the position you want to be in, they trust you because you have been consistently, selflessly creating valuable content that meets their needs – not yours theirs.

Trust and like – they are the same reasons customers will keep coming back to your storefront, your website or seek you out time after time on social media.

When every piece of content you create on social media has a genuine intent to help people, they’ll give you attention.

Once you have successfully gained people’s attention, trust me, they’ll be asking you what they can buy.

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