Stanley’s Secrets: 2 Ways to Viral Success

Stanley’s Social Media Virality: 2 Top Tips


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Got a Stanley Tumbler in Your Cupboard?

Wondering what the fuss is all about?

I did some digging and stumbled upon something interesting. A few months back, there was this viral TikTok of Stanley offering a customer a brand-new vehicle. Not just a bunch of tumblers, which would be a typical marketing gimmick, but an actual car!

Let’s take a step back and see why.

The original video showed a car engulfed in flames, but miraculously, the only survivor was a Stanley tumbler. Haven’t seen it? Watch below-

The Viral Video

@stanleybrand #stitch with @Danielle ♬ original sound – Stanley 1913

I’d almost forgotten about it, mostly because Stanley isn’t a big name here in the UK, or at least it wasn’t back then.

But recently, my feed’s been buzzing with similar viral videos, and I couldn’t help but dive deeper.

So, who is Stanley? My journey led me back to that fiery video. It turns out this tumbler has become the butt of many jokes online. But behind those jokes lies a formidable brand story.

Let’s be honest.

A Stanley is essentially a hot liquid tumbler, kind of like a thermos. Nothing inherently glamorous about it. But somehow, they’ve skyrocketed from a $73 million company in 2019 to a whopping $750 million in 2023.

One thing I always look for in a brand is aesthetics. Miss that, and you’ve missed the mark. In 2023, to be chosen and featured, you’ve got to look the part. I’m not eating at your estalishment, buying your product, unless it’s Instagrammable.

Get it?

Well, Stanley certainly does. They know that in today’s social media-driven world, appearances are everything.

Tip One to Social Media Virality

The first step Stanley’s social media virality strategy? Create pretty tumblers that their target female audience would love to show off. They come in every colour imaginable, designed to seamlessly blend into any curated social media feed.

Lesson for brands, new businesses, and products: you’ve got to look good if you want to be the talk of the town on social media.

Step 2: Forget Features, Focus on Appeal

Take me, for example. I’ve got a Starbucks reusable tumbler, a sleek black one, and a crisp white one. Why Starbucks? It’s a well-known brand. And the black and white? They fit my aesthetic. When I feature them in my content, it’s not about what they do, but how they add style to my posts.

Stanley isn’t just selling another reusable tumbler. If they were, they’d be just another brand in the crowd. They’re selling style, the feeling of fitting in, of belonging, being seen and making a statement – all the hallmarks of a successful brand. Stanley has tapped into their consumers’ deepest desires.

Ready to take your brand from zero to hero on social media? Take a leaf out of Stanley’s book – make your product a showstopper and sell a story, not just a commodity. That’s how you create a vibe that resonates and a brand that lasts.


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      Stanley’s Secrets: 2 Ways to Viral Success

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