Why I won’t manage everybody’s content

I won’t manage everybody’s content for a couple of reasons. The second leads on from the first. So let me explain the first reason.

The first reason

I qualify clients for Content Management services. By that, I’ll ask you questions about your brand and social media goals to determine if providing content management is the best way forward. 

Content Management is a 24-7 service. We begin by researching your business, understanding your niche then creating an initial strategy. Using the strategy, we create a content plan. In some ways, this is the easy part. 

The following stages require a lot of resources. Creating content requires human resources, equipment, and time – I don’t work alone. I can’t. I work with others.

Even when the content has been created, we monitor the content, manage the community, and analyse performance every day of the week, including when you’re eating Christmas dinner with loved ones. During normal working days, when necessary, we go back to re-strategise. 

The best part is that we’re always available to you. I like my clients to feel they are important, and give them personal attention. Almost as if we are working with no other client but you. Until the client gets too demanding and needs a gentle reminder.

As you can appreciate, it also costs a fair amount to run this for you whether you decide to run a short campaign or have ongoing content management services. 

Usually, the types of businesses looking for this service have a budget of £10000 monthly and up. Although, we do offer you bespoke services. Some of those services fall into a price range much lower than £10000 but usually not a price that a new startup can commit to for a sustained period.

The second reason

Now onto the second reason why I won’t manage everybody’s content. 

Frankly, when you start out and have basic know-how, creating social media content is not hard to do yourself. 

New startups think they need to hire out because they see all this beautiful content that looks so professional. You may be surprised to learn that much of it isn’t. 

They also get told that as a new business, don’t do everything yourself—hand stuff out to the professionals.

This is true.

But it’s also very true that when starting, solopreneurs will take on a lot of tasks themselves. They have no choice until the cash flow increases.

A passionate solopreneur, serious about making their vision a reality, will not let a lack of funds stop them from trying. The first few years will be some of their most challenging. Few solopreneurs are immune from multitasking in the early days.

So what do you do if you find yourself in this predicament?

You create yourself. And the key to creating engaging content by yourself is to document. What I mean by that is you tell your story. 

Get your phone (clean up the lenses), put it on a tripod and record or take photos of almost everything brand related. Tell the story of your business through photos and video captured on your phone. This is key to successful brand awareness using social media. 


It’s that simple. And your story is the reason your potential customers will buy into you.

It doesn’t have to be professional, but it must be emotional. 

Emotional storytelling is where all the power in building your brand lies. Tell your story. Tell it yourself. Record and take aspects of your business daily and share them on socials. 

That said if you want help figuring out the story, DM me. Let’s have a quick chat.

However, if you’ve got a £10,000 monthly budget, get in touch, and let’s create some cool content.

Other than that, Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it valuable. If so, Like, Comment and Share, and I’ll be back with more soon.


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