Why is everyone joining Threads? An Update

This is an update to my original post, ‘Why is everyone joining Threads?’.

So having used the app for a week I can give a more accurate view of my thoughts.

Like all social media platforms, building an engaged audience takes time and effort, and threads are no exception.

However, it has an advantage that content creators must take advantage of. It is new, and most people haven’t heard of it, talk less of having an active account. If you put in the work and you can dominate on this platform.

Not to mention, tt’s a popular platform—all who are active on it like it. Why wouldn’t you want to actively use it to bring more attention to your brand.

As far as I’m concerned, Threads has longevity. The concept is not a new one. It’s one that has always worked like forums and internet chat relay (IRL). This is just the modern version.

Most active Twitter users have switched over to Threads, and that says a lot. Plus, we haven’t got ads yet, and it appears the algorithm isn’t aggressive. Your time and effort will be well spent here. I promise

It’s like Twitter in the old days.

Back then, I amassed 4000+ followers. I was active, and a good portion of my followers were engaged with me.

Not many people liked Twitter because of the way the feed refreshed so quickly. Despite being an enthusiastic user, that was also an issue for me. In addition, I didn’t see the importance of having casual chats when I was trying to build my business. That and the low character limit led me to focus more on Facebook.

It is a decision I have regretted. A few of my Twitter friends are influencers now. Nope, I am not namedropping them …cringe.

Anyway, I tried sticking with Twitter when I decided to return but could never build the same momentum. I didn’t understand the vibe and struggled to beat the algorithm. Plus, I had little patience.

Threads is my second chance. You can get a real sense of your threads gaining visibility. What’s more, so many people should but are not taking advantage of this app. So if you jump on, you’ve got the upper hand.

On Threads, a few influencers recognise me now. I have commented on their posts with relatively low engagement. Most of their regular followers from Instagram haven’t swapped over yet. While I’m commenting, I’m increasing visibility with the influencer’s followers – bonus!

Threads makes for a great place where smaller content creators can get humble and start engaging with influencers getting to know them while simultaneously building visibility with other micro creators.

The power of Threads is getting to know people. Post consistently and engage just as much. It works.

I can see people’s Instagram pages blowing up because of Threads. Join today if you haven’t already, making sure you post consistently and engage. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

If you’re using threads, let me know what you think in the comments.


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