Bored of your work

I get bored too, real quick. It’s alright; we can blame it on the age we live in. I think I’ve been conditioned to have an attention span that lasts about a minute, especially where social media is concerned. If I’ve watched your content that whole minute, I’m committed.

But it can happen when you are creating too. You get to that point where you’re bored of your content. You think, “I’ve seen it all before, done it all before, don’t want to do it no mo”. The thing you want to avoid is allowing that boredom to stop you from creating. Once you entertain thoughts of boredom, you’re treading on dangerous ground. You and your team risk losing the passion, the energy; worst of all, you’ve probably forgotten your why.

As founder and leader of the brand, you must constantly expose yourself to all types of creative, intellectual and new experiences. Encourage your team members to do the same. It will keep you connected to the essence of the brand, as well as show where to add depth.

Approach every day as filled with opportunities and insight that you have to stay alert to. Stay in love with life and the impact you want to make. Don’t get bored of your work.

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