Customers like novelty

Customers like novelty. The research proves it. I’ve been delving into studies on customer buying psychology, and they reveal the exciting neurological activity that occurs when customers engage with novel content.

And it makes complete sense. Novelty stimulates the brain and activates memory. When we give customers novel content, it gets them excited; it entertains them; they are emotionally stimulated and physically involved. In short, novelty captures our customer’s attention, and they remember our brand.

And we need that attention, right? Attention is an expensive currency that, once we have it, can be used to sell goods and services.

It is a competitive market out there, and without customer attention, there is no brand; the business does not matter. Nobody is watching, nobody cares, and no one will buy.

Recently I watched the Apple AirTag ad. Despite the heavy price tag, it took only one viewing to convince me to get one. You can watch the ad here and observe how Apple appeals to the customer’s every sense to captivate them – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

From a creative viewpoint, I was particularly impressed by the use of hyperbole to heighten the senses. The ad was exciting and novel. In reality, it’s unlikely I will be buying the AirTag, not in the immediate future anyway. But I am aware of the product and understand how it would fit into my world.

Even if customers don’t immediately go out and buy an Apple AirTag, like me, by the end of that ad, they will want one. And for most brands, when your customers want your products, that’s half the battle won.

Do something new with your brand’s content. Tantalise the senses and draw your customers into your brand’s world in a novel way. As Seth Godin would say, “Create art; create something remarkable.”

Customers like novelty. Novelty prompts customers to give us their attention.

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