Don’t Be Vague

You build people.

Every founder begins with and should still have a vision of where the business is going. If you want the vision to manifest, you build people who understand the vision, and the people implement the vision.

There are plenty of leaders who share ideas of where the business is. They say, “We are a learning company!”, “We put the customer first.” We are the best in the business. But each of these statements is open to interpretation.

Take, for instance, being the best. The features of the best product carry different weight for each individual. What may be the best for one person is not as crucial as another feature for another.

And so often, we witness companies that run amock unable to make the right vision-focused decisions as they are unclear of what is precisely on the CEO’s mind; not to mention that they fear asking and subsequently appearing incompetent.

Don’t be vague. The finest brands communicate the vision clearly and often.

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