Don’t give up your socials yet

The term social media marketing is not helpful.

If we eliminated the word marketing, more brands would get it.

With the word marketing, the temptation is for brands to devise a strategy to sell goods on the platforms when the goal should be to create content, much like you would on tv.

Think of your social media page as your brand tv channel where you can produce long and short-form content. As you know, TV programmes are content where television is the medium.

Your social media platform is the medium for you to produce content that attracts an engaged audience made up of your target customer.

An engaged audience is an invested audience. You can produce reality tv, documentary, news, entertainment, and film style content in keeping with your brand for your audience using socials. This way, you create an experience that is so much more meaningful than trying to focus on selling.

Great content is why audiences engage for the long term and buy eventually. No one logs into socials to buy. Content that tries to sell products doesn’t work and is why many brands give up on the platforms.

Use social media to gain and keep your audiences engaged, interested and talking about your brand.


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