Equality, diversity and inclusivity in your social media content

There’s an important message in this video.



In it, influencer SimplySayo speaks out about the disparities in compensation between black and white content creators.

Her video came shortly after a brand offered a black content creator product gifts for work, whilst the brand gave her white counterpart significantly more gifts and financial compensation.

In another recent black content creator dispute that went viral, a black influencer stated that black creators should be happy with the exposure and poor compensation.

But should we, though? Should we put up with it?

To me, and many like me, the inequality is painful. When I talk to my friends, no matter what industry we’re in, you can hear at least one of us holding back tears of frustration. Mostly we’re tired of fighting to be seen and treated the same.

I’m not here to discuss this with anyone who thinks there isn’t a problem or believes things should remain the same. I watched some content today where a middle-aged white man, probably far right, said corporate America shouldn’t be hiring more diverse employees. I’m not here to convince people with views like that.

Usually, I don’t speak out. I’m one of the quiet ones. But these days, I understand it isn’t right to be silent about the things that adversely affect you and others like you. Meanwhile, you are happy to moan behind closed doors whilst watching people less qualified and experienced than you get the job, and it feels like it’s always people from a specific race.

The trouble is if we keep quiet, people can pretend everything is fine. But it is not fine. We need people unafraid to take a stand if society is to advance.

I’m pleased to say I have started doing some of the work. As some of you know, I held the Black British Content Creators meetup recently. It was a good start, and I plan to do more meetups and for it to grow into something empowering.

But I want to do more work.

I have on my mind running a seminar sharing ideas and the issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusivity, specifically as it relates to the social media department in your organisation.

We will have some real talk if you can stand it. I’m hoping that people who want to learn and share will come. It’s the only way we affect change.

Would your organisation attend?


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