Social Media: Embrace the Future or Get Left Behind

The Reason Evolution Not Desertion of Social Media

Social media’s a bit pants sometimes, right?

Loads of marketing bods reckon social media’s on its way out. But I reckon these platforms will stick around way longer than any of us. Why do they think it’s on the decline? Probably ’cause there’s a ton of half-baked stuff floating around. Let’s be real, social media can be a bit naff at times. But, give it a swipe or two, and suddenly you find those gems that make chilling with your phone worth it – even if it’s just for a quick thirty-second laugh before diving back in. Next thing you know, what started as a cheeky late-night scroll at 10 turns into a 2 AM TikTok marathon. We’ve all been there, and there’s no shame in loving a bit of social media – it’s proper addictive!

Embracing Evolution Not Desertion in Social Media

Used to be a bit snooty about social media, I did

A few years back, I wouldn’t be caught dead admitting I wasted time on socials. Working from my home office, the most excitement I’d get was a trip to Asda. Whenever I did venture out, say for a meeting in London, I’d be gobsmacked seeing everyone on the train glued to their phones. “They’re frying their brains!” I’d think, all smug behind my book.

Evolution Not Desertion, that’s the mantra

But now, I totally get it. Not everyone’s into books, and we all fancy a bit of time-killing on social media. Yes, it’s brain-frying stuff, but I’ve come to see it differently. Even if I leave my phone for hours, I know we’re all a bit hooked on scrolling through our feeds. It’s why I believe we won’t be abandoning these platforms any time soon. Instead, what we need is an Evolution Not Desertion of these platforms.

The Future of Social Media: Evolution Not Desertion

Brands, it’s time to step up your game

There’s room for those hilarious amateur videos, but it’s high time brands upped their game. We need more original, snappy content. Brands should be getting savvy, maybe even setting up their own mini studios with dedicated teams to crank out top-notch blogs, podcasts, TikToks, you name it. It’s time to get stuck in. It’s not just about churning out ads – nobody’s keen on those. We want stuff we can actually enjoy. And let’s be honest, plenty of brands have the dosh to make it happen. Plus, it’d be a right laugh working in that sort of department, wouldn’t it?

How does your company handle social media?

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