How to make money on socials

Ahh, it’s the 21st-century conundrum, isn’t it? – how to make money on socials. I’m afraid to tell you I don’t have the definitive answer. However, I know that you haven’t got a hope in hell if you do not have a tribe. “And how do I get a tribe?” you say. Haha, now you’re asking.

From experience, I recommend you pick a subject that you know lots about and know at least a few other people who will pay attention to your subject. Then you decide how you will creatively add value to people’s lives with what you know about that subject. You’ll spend your waking hours figuring out authentic ways to get attention with your content. Any ideas you come up with, create them daily, well, all day ideally.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work. But if you don’t do it, someone hungrier than you for the win will.

One thing you mustn’t do is worry about who doesn’t like you nor the content you slogged over. You’re not creating for people who don’t like you. No – you, my dear friend, are doing all this great work for those who do like you. And so they are who you must give all your love and attention to. And I don’t use those two words lightly; I mean it. When you’re on socials, you’ve got to facilitate an inspiring and energetic environment which people enjoy being a part of. It’s a service.

Eventually, because of your generosity, what you will find is that these amazing people who willingly follow you begin to trust you enough to tell their friends about you and even buy what you are selling.

So as I say, I haven’t got the definitive answer to how to make money on socials, but from what I have experienced, it begins with having a tribe to whom you provide a lot value.

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