It takes humility

Good content will double your followers. And I’m not saying that because I want you to buy some course that I am selling. It’s my actual experience.

And I’m compelled to share this with you because a lot of people try to figure out the “formula” for growing their brand. I will continue to disappoint those looking because there is none.

My phone is currently blowing up because of a single piece of content created for a brand that is resonating with the audience so formidably it’s trending right now. We now have twice as many followers as we started with – in just a day.

Mad I know.

I’m actually terrified to look at my phone right now. So I have put it in Do Not Disturb mode.

What if it isn’t real? What if I got it wrong? These are the questions running through my mind. But it is real. And if experience has taught me anything , if I keep creating great content, it will only get better.

It’s happened time and time again for me.

And I have said the following on numerous occasions. The only thing that matters is creating content that the audience wants.

And it takes humility.

Creators have to divorce themselves from self-serving motives and create for the audience. That is all that matters.

Believe me.

I will share insights on creating and managing brand desire in an upcoming lecture. To learn more, book here – Creating Desire for Fashion Brands.

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