Limitations are an asset

We don’t always have everything we need to do the work.

I’m working with a new brand. I was excited to start working with this brand and told the CEOs in the proposal.

“You guys are going to do incredibly well with us. The product is appealing and relevant; the customers will love it, and we’ll have no problem getting you to where you deserve to be.” But yes, of course, I used the more formal version in the proposal.

And I truly believed in what I said. It wasn’t some marketing ploy to get the sale. It was the truth.

We did the research – scoping out the competition, analysing the target market, and devising the battle plan.

With an ay okay from the client, we got to work. And that’s when we understood the reality.

Plans are always good on paper. The reality, however, is a complicated game.

I knew the brand was new, but either I underestimated the competition or overestimated our brand’s resplendence.

The competition was faster and always up-to-date. This was a niche where its customers wanted the avant-garde, and we couldn’t give it to them. Not just yet anyway. We didn’t have the same level of access as the big boys.

And as the old saying goes, if you can’t join them, beat them.

Oh, the saying doesn’t go like that, you say? My bad.

We created a reel for Instagram. Our primary thought was to woo our audiences with entertainment. You know, connect on an emotional level. It was also a bonus that our competitors weren’t doing reels.

500 views in 5 minutes later, the CEO called.

“We love the reels. Can we have more, please?” So polite, I thought. “Yes, of course,” I responded.

Usually, in business, you find the big boys have gained a lot of ground and now have their feet comfortable and firmly under the table. Way too comfortably and usually too firmly to think it necessary to move.

When you are new, and there are limitations to resources, know it from today that you play a harder game trying to copy the competition. Think about it. You’ll not be strong enough, quick enough or liked enough.

Instead, you’ll do better by understanding the marketplace and allowing your knowledge and limitations to force you to create something new and better. Even the reels we created had limitations. So the reels were different from what the audience was familiar with. Essentially we had to do our best with what we had. Lucky for us, there’s always a subset of consumers in the market who are waiting for something new.

Starting out, we all have a scarcity of resources. But these limitations are an asset. They cause us to innovate and think outside the box.

We can use our limitations to appeal to a small audience in the best and newest way. Serve them earnestly and let them spread the word about your brand.

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