Marketing begins to work

It’s everywhere. We can’t escape it – the content. And a lot of us enjoy it. Some of us don’t, but there’s almost no avoiding it.

Each time we swipe up, we get a notification of some content created by our friends and family seeking our attention.

Consequently, brands have tapped into our need to consume content. And they are going to where our attention is to send marketing messages to us.

“We wear this.”

“We spend money on here.”

“We prefer them.”

“Buy us.”

These are the messages we receive countless times a day through our devices.

Before the devices, we watched adverts on our TV. There were fewer brand options, and these messages had a more significant impact. But honestly, now, with so many of them, most not distinguishable from the rest, we no longer pay attention. Worse still, we intentionally ignore them. The marketing is missed.

And that’s where the danger lies for brands; when they create content that the audience does not notice or ignores.

But, we can do something.

There is a way we can overcome this challenge. Marketers must take audiences on a journey from where they are to where they want to be. Our marketing begins to work when we help audiences get the change they seek.

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