Achieving Market Penetration

Marketing is not about selling people what they need.

Marketing involves activities that build emotional connections with our customers, employees and stakeholders.

And this requires creating immersive experiences for each one of the groups above.

The Virgin experience immediately comes to mind as I type that sentence.

You have Richard Branson, who, by the way, is still considered by the media to be an internationally influential entrepreneur –

we have Richard Branson, the face of the Virgin brand, telling us how outstanding his employees are.

And the employees reciprocate.

Have you ever spoken to a Virgin employee? Most of it is good stuff.

You can also see Richard courting customers on social media with inspiring and down-to-earth content.

Many of you will agree it’s cool stuff.

Virgin has always had a great story, which they have continued to tell over the years.

And I’m pretty sure all other stakeholders love the story and the profits it has attracted.

Don’t take telling a good story lightly.

The Virgin story has made it a choice brand for many.

If all purchases were merely functional, in other words, to fly somewhere or get broadband, customers would forgo Virgin and choose the most economically viable product.

But purchases, especially major ones, are also emotional.

For example, in the social media age flying Virgin becomes premium IG content for creators.

Shallow but true.

On a deeper level, customers receive better comfort levels than budget airlines.

And many receive satisfaction from the mere association with the Virgin brand.

Virgin is not perfect. We know. No business ever is.

But major brands with great stories and loyal advocates get forgiven very quickly.

What I am saying is, when you create brand desire, you achieve market penetration easier, higher growth and longer sustainability.

I will share insights on creating and managing brand desire in an upcoming lecture. To learn more, book here – Creating Desire for Fashion Brands.

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