Your selfie is only important when you do this.

Let’s get back on the subject of people not caring about your selfie – a thread I created here.

One of the reasons people find it difficult to monetise their content is that they do not provide a reason for audiences to buy from them. Or even buy into them.

For illustrative purposes, we’re still going to talk about selfies, but it could be anything, e.g. a photo of your product or a video of you walking down the street.

No one likes your selfie.

Yeh, no one cares about your selfie.

A selfie for the sake of posting a selfie is not enough. There are the exceptions. For example, being extraordinarily beautiful or attractive will get you attention, but for most of us, the way we look isn’t enough. Besides, what’s the point of relying on your looks unless that is what you are selling, e.g. you are a model?

I repeat – on its own, the selfie is not enough, but there are instances where it will be. Let me explain.

For extremely sexy and beautiful human beings, the simple selfie will generate 1000 likes a minute. But there are other reasons a selfie gets likes. Maybe your friends are liking it, which isn’t useful because, as brands, we’re not looking for friends. We’re looking for customers.

Your selfie is only important when you do this.

The other powerful reason that people will you like your selfie is belonging. The desire to belong to part of a community is human nature.

People will like your selfie because they get a sense of belonging. By what means? Well, it all depends on how, when and where you take that selfie. You must frame it in a way that lets your audience know that we belong to the same community. Community building is a vital goal of all the content that we create.

I’ll say it again. Unless you are blessed by the gods with good looks, the only reason you post your selfie should be because you are saying, “We belong to the same community.” And, of course, it’s not just your selfie that should communicate this. Every piece of content you create should say this for your intended audience.

How community building is linked to sales

Belonging to a community is a powerful reason people buy from you. A community is a group of people who say we look like this; we have these values; we behave in this way, and we all spend our money on these products.

The next time you post a selfie or your product, somewhere in that content, directly or indirectly, you should be letting your audience know that this is for us.

Make sense?

Would you like me to discuss how to directly or indirectly appeal to your community in your content? Let me know in the comments.


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