Sometimes good is not enough

Let’s be honest – sometimes good is not enough.

You put in great effort in creating your content. It caused you to break out in the sweat I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post.

You edit it, and you’re super pleased with the results. But unfortunately, either nobody cares, or the algorithm has decided to penalise you.

Not one view did you get on your carefully curated video.

Well, at least that is what happened to me this morning. But I’m not gonna sweat it. It’s one piece of content. I’ll make more like it. Even better than this one.

At least I got to add to my story and stay consistent. Some content will do well. Some won’t. It’s an occupational hazard, and I wouldn’t trade the occupation for anything. I love creating content.

So I encourage you to keep going. Always remember the ‘why’ – to build your brand, tell your story, serve and do good work. If the algorithm or people don’t recognise it, know it for yourself. And, if you want to chat about it, send me a DM.

Anyway, I’m off to prepare for this weekend’s workshop –TikTok for Business. Below is the content that tanked if anybody is interested. Hopefully, it has performed better by the time you get to it. If it’s any good, please like it. I’d appreciate that. Thank you, and enjoy your day!


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