The hardest thing in Marketing

Imagine the scenario. Brands managers, creatives, directors, marketers – everyone is in a meeting to evaluate a social media campaign. There’s a lot of back and forth on creative everyone thinks will or won’t work and what they do or don’t like. You’ll hear much discussion on colours, font sizes and positioning – none of which directly affects the buying decision.

There is a significant factor in the buying decision that you’ll notice very little discussion around. And that is what the customer wants. It’s often overlooked. The reason is, we spend so much time with the product, it becomes incredibly important to us, and our wants begin to overshadow the desires of the customers. The knock-on effect, of course, is time wasted, money lost in sales, disconnected messages and brand irrelevancy.

It doesn’t matter how creative the design, clever the copy or entertaining the content if there is no correlation to what the customer wants.

It’s true that audiences like good quality content, but they only buy if the message resonates.

With deadlines to meet and CEO’s to please, the hardest thing in marketing is to sit back and ask yourself what your customers want. Even better, survey, test, ask, and evaluate the data, lots and often.

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