The key to memorable brand messages

Consumers are rarely loyal to one brand. It’s more like a few brands at a time.

Let’s take the fast food industry. The top players include Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos Pizza, Burger King and Greggs. Consumers usually eat from a combination of these brands.

The main food retailers sharing the customer base include Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury, and LIDL. Our decision to buy from any of those stores includes proximity, product availability, price and whether or not we have a loyalty card. But consumers are not loyal to any particular supermarket. Mostly they want to get the weekly shopping done in the most convenient way.

There are many food retail spaces consumers will simply ignore or are less likely to come to memory when asked. You may be able to think of stores like Wholefoods, Farmfoods, Somerfield’s and Premier stores that fit this selection.

What we see is that the brands achieving higher levels of market share are the ones that are memorable at the time of purchasing.

The goal then, is to create brand messages with higher consumer recall. Not an easy task.

As we got on the train to work this morning, listened to the radio and scrolled social media today, we were exposed to hundreds of brands. We’ll have a hard time recalling the majority, if any, of those brand messages. However, a few were able to connect with us subconsciously. We may not remember seeing them, but they were relevant enough to us to mean something. These brands are the ones we will purchase at the right time.

One of the keys to memorable brand messages is storytelling. We achieve brand growth when our marketing is memorable.

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