Guideline to Success: Use Your Content Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand Message

Most brands will have a significant advantage when they present a compelling, distinct message through their content. This point stands to reason since the Harvard Business Review has revealed 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason to follow a brand. Along with Lucidpress reporting “an inconsistent brand message causing confusion in the marketplace”, the facts can’t be ignored.

If you’re battling to retain loyal fans, then you need to carefully construct the brand message you communicate through your content marketing efforts. Subsequently, you will strengthen the emotional, mental and visual connections you make with your audience, improve brand loyalty and begin to see your content marketing yield positive results.

Your brand message is your voice. It’s what your audience understand your business stands for. If your content can’t communicate a strong message, you stand no chance of building a distinguished brand.

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.

Warren Buffet

To illustrate, a luxury holiday home firm we worked with, were keen to have captivating content. They wanted to be viewed as exclusive by customers. Expanding their pool of high net worth clients would only be possible by using a content marketing strategy that resonated with their audience’s unique values, interests and pain points.

You must understand who your customer is and what is important to them so you can craft a brand message that is relevant and emotive. Use your findings to create content that makes your customers feel important.

Three Ways to Use Your Content Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand Message

1. Know what you are trying to achieve. Your content marketing strategy should include the organisation’s goals and objectives. These crucial elements let the organisation know why they are creating content. It also helps with creating focused content.

When developing content based on what the organisation plans to achieve, you eliminate deviation. Your content is streamlined and coherent and on course to meet your goals. So be clear, and your audience will also be clear on your expectations of them.

2. Know who you are crafting your message for. Develop customer personas. You may have more than one persona so always choose to concentrate on the persona that fits into your primary audience. For potent content that is attractive and impossible to ignore, you must create content for one key customer persona. It will mean the people most interested in your brand and the ones more like to remain loyal and become brand advocates. Brand growth is achieved through its  evangelists.

Marks and Spencer’s have a buyer persona who they call Mrs Spencer who is in her 50s and likes stylish contemporary clothing and shops around 18 times a year.

You must also be specific about your customer persona. Give them a name and values and habits that allow you to create content that is explicitly crafted with their preferences considered. The message is then unique to them.  Coupled with a clear focus on organisation content goals and objectives, attracting your target audience becomes simpler.

3. Involve both global and local teams in brand messaging development. The brand message means different things from different departments and in different cities and different worlds where language and cultures are different.

Include all departments of the organisation both locally and globally, so that no aspect of core values and strategies are neglected in the goals and objectives and translated into the messaging. Additionally, the message may need to be altered or not delivered at all depending on cultures and regions.

Write Great Content
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Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.

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This extra effort your organisation takes, will only serve in contributing to a successful content marketing strategy and a brand message that is distinctive. The organisations we have worked confirm that audiences became more receptive to content when they had taken the time to use content marketing to strengthen their brand message.

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